Clothes and Contradictions

I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.

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For the Artists …

No-one may ever read what you write

Write anyway.

No-one may ever listen to you sing.

Sing anyway.

No-one may ever hang your painting on their wall.

Paint anyway.

No-one may ever wear your designs.

Design anyway.

No-one may ever come to your show.

Act anyway.

To all the artist out there: do it because you love it. Even if no-one else does.

Things we do even though we know we will regret it

We all do it. We all have those ‘fuck it’ moments when we know what we are about to do will make us feel incredibly shit, but we do it anyway. “It’s not worth it,” cries the tiny sensible angel on your shoulder. But the devil on the other side - well she always knew you were going to do it anyway.

1. Eating bread: You’re going to feel bloated for like 3 days and come Friday night when you want to wear that body con dress you will declare yourself obese and refuse to go out. But damn good that subway tastes good.

2. Staying up late: Maybe your bad mood and blood shot eyes would be worth it if you had been doing something really fun all night. But you weren’t. You were stalking Facebook profiles of people you don’t like and watching shit TV.

3. Spending the last of your wages on a dress you will never wear: As beautiful as it is, even as you hand over your card you know it’s not worth the 11p noodles that you’re going to have to eat for the rest of the month.

4. Drunk calling your ex: When someone dumps you, they usually don’t want to talk to you anymore. But you really really want to talk to him, so you’re gunna dial anyway.

5. Having sex with your ex: He doesn’t fucking like you! Why are you having sex with him?! You’re going to cry for like 2 weeks after this and yet you still let him come over to ‘talk’ knowing full well what was going to happen.

6. The 6th glass of wine: You’re wasted. You know you’re wasted. You also know this glass will probably tip you over the edge of wasted and into realm complete and utter mess and possible asbo. Who’s round is it?


"It’s the only industry, apart from prostitution, where men get paid less."

Sarah Vickery, agent.

This quote made me laugh, then think. Am I happy that us girls can finally  beat the boys financially or am I sad that the only way we can do it is with our looks?

Interesting read:

Topshop’s Brit Models

Topshop’s Brit Models

Following on from my last soul searching post about being who you are, my musings have been perfectly demonstrated through my dress sense.

One of my male friends once described my style as garish. I prefer kitsch or colourful but to be honest I wasn’t offended by his word choice. As someone who would site her style icons as scary spice and the fresh prince it’s no surprise that many people find my style a little tacky.

Approaching my mid twenties and working for a brand that regularly ask me ‘would you actually wear that?’ When I put outfits together made me think it was time to tone it down a little. I wanted to try the whole ‘I look really chic even though I’m only wearing black skinny jeans and a v neck t shirt from all saints’ thing. So the other night I got dressed up in some tartan trousers and a black chiffon shirt and black boots. And that’s it. And I looked in the mirror and I just wasn’t feeling it. I could pretend to be chic and classy all I wanted but I just couldn’t fool myself. So I added a flouresant yellow blazer and some classy pink lipstick and boom I had my mojo back.

Stylist asks when we are going to grow up?

I was fighting my way through the underground, when I spotted the headline of this Stylist article And felt instantly excited; being a question I ask myself almost daily.

The great news is that we are all living longer, making the connotations attached to certain ages shift - 50 is the new 40 exclaim our mothers and their not wrong. We are less traditional; now that marriage and children isn’t the only path and all our adventurous and ambitious escapades inevitably leave us doing things a lot later. Average age to get married is 30 as opposed to 23 so all the single ladies shake that hand with pride - there’s no rush.

But then there’s also the darker side that contributes just as much. Most of us can’t actually afford to do grown up things such as buy a house and get married. When your bank balance still leaves you calling the bank of mum and dad at the end of the month it’s hard to feel really truly mature not to mention the fact that many of us still live under their roof.

While it’s comforting to know I’m not alone, I pinned great hopes on this article that it would give me some kind of ephinany but it just kind of confirmed what me and my friends already know - we are a skint, immature generation who may not ever get a mortgage. The only bit of advice offered was to embrace it, so here’s to taking my own advice of just being in the moment. And besides I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to give up watching The Simpsons in my onesie.

Fashion Week Windows


Visual Merchandisers on and around Oxford Street have been working flat out to get their windows looking perfect for London Fashion Week. Some are just plain pretty, while others have concepts and stories behind them, either way they all looking great.



How cute is the Tezenis window?! 



Oasis circus themed window complete with moving ‘LFW’ carousel. Never one to do it halfheartedly, not only is the theme extended onto the actual building but they’ve got an equally amazing third window in the entrance.



Every year Warehouse team up with the British Fashion Council to give a talented graduated a career kick start in the form of an exclusive collaboration. Philli Wood for Warehouse launched last Thursday with a glamourous bloggers breakfast, where the guests previewed the collection before it’s official release later that day. It meant a 6am start for me but it was all worth - and I managed to sneakily munch some glittery croissants!

Find out more on


H&M’s window was styled by high profile bloggers.



To be fair Selfridges windows are always pretty extravagant, Fashion Week or not, but I’m really liking this Diesel tribute which is celebrating an exclusive rock inspired leather collection which launched at the end of January. The collection is intended to embody the rebellious spirit of leather and the subcultures it’s associated with.


Leopard Legs… Taking my animal print fetish to new heights courtesy of h&m and birthday money. What do you think?

Leopard Legs… Taking my animal print fetish to new heights courtesy of h&m and birthday money. What do you think?